Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sneak Shot / Blocking

So this is my first practice shot this term. Since I decided to take this term off to study and practice i made a little syllabus for myself. Part of my plan is to do three simple body mechanics shots. This is the blocking on the first. An old fashion Hollywood Sneak. Although I prefer to call it a Shaggy Sneak, since I'm sure Shaggy did this every episode of Scooby Doo. All feedback is welcomed.


Cristin McKee said...

Good for you, getting animation in during your term off. This is a nice start but I think it's time to start varying it up a little. The biggest change I would suggest is to break up those arms. Can you have them doing the opposite thing instead of the same as eachother? You could keep them in front of the body but perhaps one is moving up while the other is moving down and they reverse with each step? Right now they are the same and a bit distracting. I'm also not seeing any side to side in the body. Even though he is almost stepping in a straight line, the slower the walk the more side to side there is as it's harder to balance at a slow speed so he's going to center over each foot.

Ty Carrick said...

Good round of practice, looking good so far. Like Cristin said, break up the arms a bit for more of a fluid motion. Maybe have a little bit more rotation in the upper body on each reach forward with an arm.

If Stewie is going to look around, try and have his upper body turn along with the head. Otherwise it kinda feels like his head is doing it's own thing.

Also, the heels on each contact should reach the ground a little faster. The moment the weight shifts over to the extended leg, the heel should hit the ground.

Your mechanics feel good though. Are you working in splines or linear tangents?

Edward Hull said...

Hey Phillip!

I agree with Cristin and Ty on all their points. To add my own two cents: add some more ease in/out on the foot steps, right now they feel a bit too snappy, when a sneak is really very soft. Also, as Cristin noted that there needs to be side to side movements, there also needs to be some rotation of the hips as the weight is shifted from foot to foot.

Keep working at it Phillip!! This is awesome practice and I'd be happy to provide feedback.

Showcasefloyd said...

Guys, thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Catherine Beyer said...

hi! great start and kudos for being so active during your break!
You got some nice feedback already.
My suggestion, I think you should wait with taking a step until the hips is really above the supporting leg (screen right for first step)and then a quick rise and a soft landing. Because the leg spacing feel a bit even and the body unbalanced at some places.
It a bit hard to tell where I can't scroll but a bit before F26 and F58. Did you took some video ref.? could be nice to look at them too. and for the arms maybe you should think about in what mood he is. sneaking because everybody sleeps or is he a burglar or i just want to surprise somebody. That will affect how the arms looks like I think.
nice work!

Catherine Beyer said...

here is a nice video about creating balance take a look. you must miss the Am lecture so that is a compensation :)

Showcasefloyd said...


This is great. I've already done another pass on my shot, and I'm going to do some more work today. I'll try and get it up next week. I'm using the same schedule we had last term. So I'm giving myself four weeks to do a shot.